put a bird (or ladder) on it.

French Larkspur eclectic home office
source: french larkspur (via houzz)

source: interiweir

source: that kind of woman

source: a beach cottage (via design*sponge)
over time, i have amassed quite the tea towel collection on my etsy “favorites” (that’s right, it’s not a real collection yet. oh and what’s a tea towel, you say? i don’t know either… but they are pretty), and someday when i get around to it, I would love to show them all off on a ladder like the ones pictured here. or if we get a mega pantry room someday (imagine the 2nd photo as a pantry), then maybe we can snag a ladder to help reach all our crazy cool containers. we need the house first… but it’s fun to dream.

p.s. if you’re wondering what the title is all about, go watch put a bird on it. yes, right now. do it.

{thanks to Alaina of Live Creating Yourself for showcasing this inspiration.}


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