atlantic city.

things you won’t usually hear us say:
“hey, we’re going to Atlantic City.” but alas, we did. we went to check it off our list of sites to see in our great state of new jersey. and also because there was a really cool hotel on jetsetter that enticed us to get away for the first night of spring break. the hotel was lovely, and the weather rather perfect. (while exploring the beach, a man walked up and started talking about donald trump. he then proceeded to say that “you photographer types are all the same” to which i replied “thanks so much” as we walked away. i don’t think i should’ve been thanking him so much, but it was hard to say, really. we had many questions.) there were some cool, albeit seemingly abandoned, art deco buildings along the boardwalk, including the old convention center. we hope they are restoring it because it gives a glimpse into what the glory days of atlantic city must have been like.
before arriving in atlantic city, we stopped by Margate (the next town over), in order to visit Lucy, the world’s largest elephant. ever. it’s a must-see.

built in 1881, she was a huge attraction at the height of atlantic city’s popularity. the town fought to save her in the mid-20th century, at which point she underwent major restoration.

we climbed to the top of Lucy and learned her history. you can see the ocean through her eyes. i think she’s quite cool. apparently Margate thinks so too since they put her on their water tower.  we enjoyed ourselves and our little trip, but there’s something you will never hear us say, and that’s “AC baby.” no, we won’t ever say that.


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