a few months back (at the end of january, actually) Jeff and I went to one of our favorite weekend spots: st. michael’s, maryland. while there, we celebrated our 7-years-together/3-years-since-our-engagement/1-year-and-8-months-married anniversary (I hear that’s a very common type of anniversary, right?). we enjoyed the cozy inn where we had stayed the year before thanks to a great offer on jetsetter and ate delicious food – the highlight of which was arugula and fennel pizza and powdered dough from ava’s. on a cloudy monday, we explored the town and even tried our hand at antiquing.
this was our first real attempt at “antiquing” although we have been in thrift shops many times before. is there an official distinction? i mean, in both cases there are vintage goods, but for some reason the prices seem to be drastically different. we found a few cute shops, but in the end only came away with two purchases – an adorable tiny owl placard and an early 20th-century suggestion box which looks a bit like a footstool (both not pictured, but i’ll try to snap some photos soon when we take pictures of our little place).  there were also these two items that i’m still pining for: an awesome blue sugar canister in excellent vintage condition but pricy ($65! but i would seriously plan an entire kitchen around this thing) and then that adorable little dress. the cute collar and print won me over, but it had some stains that worried me… well, that and the fact that we don’t have or know any little girls that size. so… they got left behind. and yes, i still think about them even three months later.
it was an overcast weekend but still picturesque, peaceful and relaxing. st. michael’s is so charming and a perfect getaway for anyone in the DC/ Baltimore/ Philadelphia/ New Jersey/ or even New York area. it is also gorgeous in springtime (and i’m sure the same goes for fall). perfect wedding location, too.

[photos are ours, January 2011.]


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