our weekend.

1. on thursday night, we said goodbye to michael scott (and although the episode wasn’t everything it could have been, i loved this scene a lot and it maybe made me cry a little.)
2. friday, we were enamored of william and kate’s wedding, along with nearly a third of the world’s population. the best of the royal wedding in pictures, and some favorites: cute moments between sisters and brothers; an adorable, very normal-looking queen; the now-famous kiss; and the beautiful dress(es), including this awesome angle on kate’s dress. (it takes a moment for photos to load.)
3. on saturday, we celebrated our hometown at communiversity. this annual street festival is a beloved tradition. (see photo above) we roamed the streets with Bo, devoured falafel and samosa chaat from the food stands, talked with friends and neighbors, and thoroughly enjoyed our lemon and coconut sorbet from bent spoon.
4. after that, we crawled into a hole and did lots of grad school work. forever.
5. we only emerged from that hole for a tv break on sunday evening, at which point a news brief flashed across the screen. having lived in manhattan through 9/11, watching this historic moment felt somewhat surreal and our prayer is that it will bring about greater peace, security, and unity for all.

now we crawl back into our hole for most of this (finals) week… there may or may not be posts. ’til friday!

{…and just one more: a very pretty royal wedding photo roundup}


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