random NJ.

some sights from the car ride on our trip south a few weeks ago.classic NJ diner. vincentown is where my grandpop grew up. NJ runs deep in my mom’s family. but it’s nothing like what most people think. get to know the real new jersey.
i just really like the lines on this building. very ’50s. gave me a happy feeling.  driving through the pine barrens. very distinct childhood memory of realizing that we were almost to the shore when we went through this area. still makes me smile. (please excuse my melodramatic face… i was experimenting with the camera, not working on my blue steel.)

p.s. traveling locally is lots of fun. it’s also cheaper and greener. so love your earth, explore your state (or town)… not that we don’t appreciate how airplanes help us see the world… thanks for that, Wright brothers!


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