california dreaming…

over the weekend, Jeff and I were reminiscing about how much we loved staying at the carneros inn a few years ago and how we so wished we were there now instead of studying for exams. then, coincidentally, Alaina over at LiveCreatingYourself blogged raved yesterday about how much she loved this place, too. that prompted me to dig around for these old photos from our august 2009 trip. (since i was 9 years old there have only been one or two California-less years, due to my dad’s work events, and friends and family who are based there; in more recent years, there have even been biannual trips since Jeff’s dad lives there now. sadly, there was no 2010 california visit, but we’re hoping to make it west soon! and definitely swing by Carneros again).

[all photos ours, …and p.s. i loved that red mug from the Boon Fly Cafe so much that i bought it so it could come home with me. it makes everything taste better.]


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