wedding, part one: getting ready

our “getting ready” photos:     
we both got ready at my (tae’s) parents’ home along with our wedding party, tae upstairs and jeff downstairs. the cufflinks (J and T for Jeff and Tae) were my wedding gift to my groom, and Jeff gave me a beautiful necklace with three vintage marriage charms: wedding bells symbolizing celebration, an engagement ring for commitment, and a heart for true love. also, check out the photo of Jeff shaving: those are my parents’ wedding vows framed on the wall! after we were all ready, we had our “first look” out in the back yard, and we’ll post those pictures next…

[photos by Jodie Burns of Christian Oth Studio]


3 Comments on “wedding, part one: getting ready”

  1. mags says:

    oh, you guys kill me. can’t wait to see more.

  2. sean says:

    What’s kinda missing is what would have been excellent pictures of me and Jon rushing into the house in reunions gear, sweaty and exhausted, and then fighting each other for use of the shower. Maggie, that happened.

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