partying, partying, yeah.

well, not exactly partying…
but Jeff and I did celebrate our anniversary in our favorite way: with food! literally, our Monday went something like this…

Jeff: “what should we do today?”
me: “well, what are we doing tonight?” (I knew Jeff made reservations)
Jeff: “eating lots of food… but i have an idea for lunch.”
me: “Chipotle!!!!”

so, yes, we drove thirty minutes to the nearest Chipotle and were quite pleased with ourselves (and in case you were wondering we both got veggie rice bowls, and between the two of us we ordered all the salsas). then we went home, got dressed up, snapped some photos under the arbor where we were married (which you can see here and which will make an appearance again in our next installment of wedding photos later today)……and then we hopped on the train to head into the city, as we so often do. our first stop was Caravan of Dreams, where we enjoyed “live” beet ravioli with walnut and sun-dried tomato filling and hemp mint cilantro pesto (i mean seriously, what!?), seitan taquitos with guacamole and pineapple and the best lemony kale ever, and “live” pizzetta with cremini mushrooms, avocado, cashew cheese, and pumpkin seed crust. this may all sound crazy and odd to you, but i seriously cannot say enough good things about this food. we also had one of the greatest carrot cakes ever. if you live in the city, go there now. and then thank us. [FYI: “live” means raw, indicating that it is unprocessed, uncooked, and usually organic.] despite helping ourselves to dessert at Caravan of Dreams, there was a final spot to hit up before heading home: One Lucky Duck. not only is it an adorable space (an extension of Pure Food and Wine, in case you’re wondering), but if I wasn’t really full I probably would have wanted to order the entire menu. instead, we conceded to ordering a mint sundae… and it.was.amazing. i think i had a dream about it. chocolate, fresh mint, and mint chip ice creams, with mint chocolate cookies, chocolate sauce and vanilla cream. oh yeah, and it’s all raw, by the way, so you can feel kinda good about eating it.i love how we celebrate. it was very “us” and so very fun. [sorry about the unfocused picture of us above; our flash wasn’t functioning properly.]


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