wedding, part three: going to the chapel

the ceremony:        
after taking some pictures, we all made our way to our church – Westerly Road Church – where the wedding ceremony would take place. the sanctuary was transformed with greenery, urns overflowing with flowers, decorative burlap panels, and a beautiful lighted arbor which now resides in my parents’ backyard. i think the progression of photos is mostly self-explanatory, but two things to note: we included an “honoring of parents and grandparents” near the end of the service during which we had a wonderful hug-fest with our family – my grandmom almost made me completely lose it with tears; and also, in the fifth photo from the end (in front of the cross) we are taking communion for the first time as husband and wife – probably the most meaningful and emotional part of the service for us.

[photos by Jodie Burns of Christian Oth Studio]


2 Comments on “wedding, part three: going to the chapel”

  1. mags says:

    LOVE the pic of you two taking communion. That’s actually the part of the ceremony I’m most looking forward to – everyone will be served communion during the ceremony.

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