digit down

ok, so this woman is not completely down. neither is an entire digit. but some thumb is MIA for the time being. it’s not serious though. either that or the nerve endings are gone so it doesn’t feel bad. but whichever it is, i’m glad to have gotten this initiation process/ rite of passage out of the way without any real pain. and the stewards who patched me up were awesome and encouraging. besides, you can’t help but be optimistic when you’re told to elevate the extremity and it looks like you are perpetually giving the “thumbs up.”

[as a general rule, i do not condone bathroom self-photography. especially when you just wake up. but, in this case, i decided to make an exception since i’m not attempting to show off my ripped abs and, well, it’s not self-promoting because… seriously… i just woke up, didn’t fix my hair, and i’m holding a chopped finger. so, we’re good, right?]

after waking and thinking, “must document my missing chunk of thumb before it heals!” – yes, i’m that person – some better reason set in, and i realized no one would want all the gory visual details (and i don’t want my mom to pass out). so with that, i simply leave you with a vague idea of where and how i cut myself at culinary school (celery, by the way…of all things). and despite the minor setback, i’m as pumped as ever to get back in there and get chopping. now… off to practice some more knife skills.


2 Comments on “digit down”

  1. Tae, you are beautiful. i think that’s a spectacular just-rolled-out-of-bed look. Jack Kennedy concurs.

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