city greens

two books I’ve been ogling… especially after seeing the bounty of my parents’ garden roll in… and even more so after bringing home buckets of (free) organic produce from knife skills classes:


The Edible Balcony by Alex Mitchell and Grow Great Grub by Gayla Trail.
[via Amazon here and here]

both books focus on gardening in small spaces, like balconies, apartment windows, nooks and crannies (actually i made that last part up, i’m not sure about the nooks and crannies… but, regardless, they look exactly like my kind of book.) Has anyone read these, yet? thoughts?

on the city living/ move to Philadelphia news front, however, our realtor just told us yesterday that the kind of apartment we are looking for does not exist. so, naturally, that was fantastic news. but we are not dismayed… there is still a month or so before the move to Philly. PLENTY of time.

Dear future apartment,
Where are you? Please come out of hiding. It is safe now. We are here.
Love, Us


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