sparklers and pie

we redeemed tradition. and july 4th.

first with pie. recipe found here (from What Would Cathy Eat), with an adaptation using a cooked sauce filling, mixed with strawberry and rhubarb pieces. it was delicious and this recipe will absolutely be on the to-be-made-again-and-again list, although we plan to experiment to see if the fruit can hold its form better. i’ll be sure to update when that happens, and hopefully with photos of the process. overall, i’d say it turned out very well, especially for my first pie attempt ever.

…and then there were sparklers. we had a very detailed discussion about how to synchronize our sparklers… so we were all pretty excited to see the results:

in addition to our lovely *USA* we also successfully made a “Go USA” sign, but I may hang on to that one until the Olympics begin. go team go.

have an awesome weekend.


One Comment on “sparklers and pie”

  1. 3wholeplates says:

    I’m not supposed to be looking but I love this post! Great photos!

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