this craving stacks up to be about $3.50 a pop. great for digestive health. bad for my bank account. so i’m pretty excited to experiment with these make-your-own instructions from The Kitchn. those pretty little bottles of fermented tea have my name all over them. (no, actually, i believe if you look closely the bottles just have “plain kombucha” and some dates written on them, but if they were mine… well, different story.)


today’s yield. i went for the Trilogy flavor, again. (my cousin Emily and I are convinced that it’s the rainbow-colored label that sucks you in. some sort of trance thing.) and mom tried out Bilberry. apparently that little super fruit does many good things for the body. anyway, once we get our homemade kombucha going (growing?) i definitely plan to play around with flavor combinations. this should be fun. good old-fashioned probiotic fun.


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