food hoarding

not long ago, i mentioned an epidemic sweeping culinary schools everywhere: food hoarding. actually, i have absolutely no idea whether this condition is present anywhere except at the Natural Gourmet, but i do know that i find myself having succumbed to it, and i’ve seen the symptoms in fellow classmates, too.

it’s not all that extraordinary, really. we see food. we want food. the food is free. we take it home. win-win-win. it just makes sense, right?

often i will joke with my fellow classmates about our tendency to bring home massive containers and bags of food, making remarks about how it feels like the Great Depression and i’m coming in from the “fields” as the family oohs and aaahs at my spoils (or maybe i’m the only one oohing?). still, we make jokes – “look at this onion! we shall share it amongst ourselves!” as my chef friend Ann Marie put it – but it is, quite frankly, awesome. i really like bringing home food from culinary school. no, not just because it is free and saves on the grocery bill, but because a) it saves the food from going into the compost and, more significantly, b) it gives me this constant little reminder throughout the week of the fun i had while chopping and cooking in class. it tides me over until i can start the process all over again the next weekend. learn, chop, cook… bring food home. repeat.


see? food hoarding. win-win-win.

[top row photos: produce from basic cook tech and a sampling of our dishes including braised leeks and fennel, tofu-vegetable stir fry, and butternut squash & carrot stew; bottom row: some acquired goods on a particularly plentiful night, and one of many meals made with food brought home. p.s. i really like braised fennel.]


2 Comments on “food hoarding”

  1. susan says:

    I’d like to add that a majority of this is high quality organic produce. I’d also like to say you better not have scored that avocado from school while I wasn’t looking, that I would have wrestled you for!

    • tae says:

      Haha.. no, that avocado was from home! it just went well with the rest of my lunch… but you’ve supported my food habit so well, so if there is ever an avocado up for grabs it is definitely yours! thanks for supplying me with food : )

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