car(t) shopping

is it weird that i am THIS excited about getting one of those old school grocery carts? you know, the ones that you can walk to the store or corner market and tote all your goods home in and look awesome while doing it? and everyone will look at you and just know that you must be a city-dweller? to me, those fold-up push carts are the epitome of urban life. while searching for one to buy, this brand definitely stood apart… and people, be warned. this is not your typical granny cart:

did anyone else get that feeling like they were watching that spinning Will Ferrell clip in Zoolander (“relax..relax..”) or was that just me? anyway, this video totally won me over on the Go Up cart. and the demonstration video in Dutch sealed the deal, too. after seeing the price tag, husband Jeff raised the question that “wasn’t walking our groceries home supposed to save us money?” but… alas, this just might be the cost of looking metropolitan. that and, of course, helping us to not break our backs if (when) we get carried away at the grocery store. we don’t want to be those hobbling “young people” in the video with “heavy grocery bags” pulling them down. that’d be uncool.


4 Comments on “car(t) shopping”

  1. susan says:

    Is it irionic that I’ve been toying with the idea of getting one of these also? Zabars has them in stock!

    • tae says:

      haha i think it is so awesome! we can push our matching shopping carts together. maybe we can bring them to school to drag all of our food home on the bus : )

  2. CCR says:

    Makes me smile on the way to work….

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