last friday night

my classmate, ann marie: where’s the sorbet?
me: it’s in the freezer… the freezer under the British girl.
(5 minutes later)
ann marie: the British girl moved. and i didn’t know who she was. she wasn’t talking.

that was last friday night, during my first floor shift at Friday Night Dinner. (translation: we have to serve people food two different times over the course of this next year… And that was friday 1 of 2.) when i was in kindergarten, i said i wanted to be a waitress when i grew up because that’s what my friend said and i wanted to be cool; but somehow i never got a chance to try out food service, so i’m pleased to say that is now checked off the bucket list (sort of).


this week, however, is my first foray into kitchen shifts for NGI’s dinners. it is exhausting and at times tedious (um… oh hello there, shipping container full of kale! how about I do nothing but wash, season, and bake you for six hours?), but exciting and rewarding nonetheless. the fact alone that i spent the better half of the train ride home trying to decipher the exact pronunciation of “timbale” (as in the little stack of food, not the latino-american drum) shows that i must be passionate about this culinary gig.

and with that, i’m off to another night of chef-ing and kale-prepping. huzzah.


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