sunny and bright

love yellow. love elephants. love this. [freya art via my Pinterest]



aren’t these photographs by Bryant Austin stunning? they are part of his life-size photography series to support marine mammal conservation. you can learn more about his incredible process of getting to know and interacting with whales on his website.

[found via garment house]

if we were dinosaurs…

saw this picture over on a cup of jo today and had to share it:

i guess illustrator gemma correll knows what it’s like to invite us “plant-based-dieters” over for a BBQ.

art we like: fritz kahn

about a month ago we visited the Philadelphia Museum of Art with Tae’s parents as well as my aunt and uncle, who are tour guides at the PMA. there was an amazing exhibit on the fashion design of Roberto Capucci and a beautiful show of Italian landscapes by George Inness. there was also a quirky installation entitled “Health for Sale” that displayed posters of advertisements for cure-all medicines, anatomical charts, and warnings against illicit drugs. one poster in particular caught my eye:

the title, in English, is “Man as Industrial Palace” and was a 1926 rendering by Fritz Kahn of the respiratory and digestive system of the human body as a chemical plant (Germany’s chemical production was the most advanced in the world at that time). the design of the poster is pretty interesting, but even more intriguing was a 2010 video by Henning Lederer that takes Kahn’s poster and turns it into animation.

how cool is that? i love all the little factory workers calmly pulling the levers and frantically running all the switchboards in the brain.

[posted by Jeff]

thinking of…

have you noticed the animated dance on google today?

it reminded me of how much we loved (LOVED) this beautiful video from the same talented artist, Ryan Woodward, when we saw it a while back:

isn’t it amazing? it’s such a visually stunning animation, and the way it captures the emotion and movement of dance is incredible. (times like these make me wish i still danced.)

you can also have a look at the making of the video here. and the full animation for google can be found here. oh, and happy birthday, Martha Graham!

cocoa & hearts

lately, i’ve been loving the feminine, abstract work of jen ramos. i’m a loyal reader of her successful blog, madebygirl, and recently she launched her own (equally successful) art shop, cocoa & hearts. her artwork is a perfect balance of energetic color, frivolity, and symmetry, and it would help inject life into any room. although i love all the pink-hued canvases, i think my favorite one is the last image, with the blueish gold color palette. a bit out of my price range right now, but still inspiring!