yes, we love our dog.


Bo’s playdate

bo met his match cat. And his name is max.

a few weeks ago, we got together with some dear friends for dinner, and Bo finally had a chance to meet their adorable, friendly cat, Max. we were so excited for them to have a playdate; we all whipped out our cameras to document the occasion, just like parents of human babies (as opposed to fur babies) would do. at first, Max hid under the chair when Bo came in, but he was so sweet and let Bo come up to him and give him a little Max seemed really perplexed as to why Bo would dare enter his parents’ room (Bo was being pretty adventurous)… so Max followed him and then stood guard by the door. then Bo got all nervous and wasn’t sure how to get past Max. he eventually mustered up the courage, and then proceeded to eat Max’s cat food (after he was told that he could, of course)… Max wasn’t quite sure what to make of that either.  overall, they took turns being curious (one played hard-to-get while the other was interested). we wish Bo had been more playful, but at least they got along!

spring walk.

our walks are getting really pretty with all the blossoming flowers and trees. we are eagerly awaiting full-on springtime… and summer.

snow fun.

waking up to fresh snow makes my day.

the aBOminable snowman…or BOman.

we like our family walks.

happy birthday Bo!

october 1, 2010: Bo is three years old today.