so i’m not running into this blog at full speed or anything… but, slow and steady – that’s all i’m aiming for at the moment.
my mom shared this with me several days ago and i just love it:

Listen earnestly to anything your children want to tell you, no matter what. If you don’t listen eagerly to the little stuff when they are little, they won’t tell you the big stuff when they are big, because to them all of it has always been big stuff.”
― Catherine M. Wallace

my nearly 6-month-old baby’s babbles have taught me more about listening than probably anything or anyone else before. whenever i give him a few overly-animated “hi”s (as well as “hey baby boy! hiiiiii!!!”), it is in the silence that follows, after i stop talking and just listen for a moment, that i hear the most wonderful sound – the returned “heh” from Beck’s sweet little smiling, one-toothed baby mouth. i mean, we have some pretty serious babbles at other times. some insanely high-pitched squeals and some belly laughs and some of what i suspect are very complex sentences (of course), but that little “hi/heh” interaction.. that’s my favorite. still, it requires my patience, and a quieted heart and mind, to really take it in. to enjoy it and not miss it. to not rush things along. as my baby grows, i am growing, too. as God allows Beck to mature, He is also maturing me into a mom who is learning to listen. and show grace. and nourish. and love. and also know that i am incapable of doing any of those things perfectly. ever. which is both a relief and a big bummer all at the same time.

Beck playing
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i wish i could do things perfectly for him. but i can’t. i wish i could protect him from the toxins and the peer pressure. the media and the BPAs. all of it. but i can’t. this realization has been creeping up on me as i spend more time on an exciting food-related business project, too… this idea of letting go of perfection and learning to lean into any and every opportunity for simplicity and wholeness, and to keep at it even when it seems slow, and a bit too steady. in the moments while baby B naps or after he has gone to bed – or while he sits happily in his stroller at Whole Foods – i am working on creating food that embraces what is real, and whole, but also recognizes that there’s a place for sweets and fun and frivolity in our food. i have a pretty strong voice when it comes to how we eat, and i care about what we grow and cook, but i am also trying to listen. to myself and my family. to other families and communities. i believe that patience and listening are necessary in order to have productive dialogue about food… in order to create sustainable change. and so, i am working on a food project that encompasses this idea, entangling the creative with the compassionate, and the culturally-engaged with a refusal to sacrifice quality or taste. if you thought you knew what I was working on before.. well, it may be a bit different than you expect. anyway. before you’re left completely and utterly baffled at how i went from baby babbles to food justice and entrepreneurship (my brain. i’ll tell ya. it’s weird.), i will sign off.

…but did i get you all intrigued about the business? well, there’ll be more talk about it later. it’s sweet. but it’s healthy. i can tell you that much. so for now… keep listening : )


apple cider vinegar (tea)

on the subject of tea, i thought i’d post a quick little shout-out for apple cider vinegar tea. i drink this whenever i’m feeling the early signs of a cold (or even allergies, because i’m not very good at diagnosing which is which), and after drinking some a few days ago i think i am now completely in the clear in terms of being sick. so, i thought i needed to share.

it’s not really tea, but it’s oh-so-simple to make. the ratio of ingredients is up for discussion, but i usually start with a mug, and first add apple cider vinegar. the technical amount that i would suggest is “as much as you can stand so that it is still palatable and/or pleasant to drink.” you don’t need a lot, really, but anywhere from 2 teaspoons to 1 tablespoon should work. if your throat is in need of something warm and soothing, you can fill the mug with hot water, but sometimes i just add filtered water and call it a day. for sore throats or that itchy feeling indicating that you’re getting sick, you could also add a dash of cayenne pepper (just a tiny dash. you can always increase the amount, but if it’s too much you won’t be able to drink it without crying.) lemon is another option – i usually just squeeze half a lemon or drop in a slice. and lastly, if you want it a bit sweeter, add a teaspoon-ish amount of organic maple syrup, too. you could use honey, but i’m a maple syrup gal and since it contains zinc, i figure that it must also be good for fighting illness (and it tastes so much better than those Zicam or zinc tablets.) anyway, that’s it. quite simple and it really has been effective. (also, if you are in a rush, you can always just put several splashes of ACV into a glass of water and drink it straight up. that’s how i did it earlier this week and it still worked wonderfully.)

[i first got the idea from here, and have been doing this for several years now. i don’t claim to be a doctor, but i know what seems to work for me.]


this craving stacks up to be about $3.50 a pop. great for digestive health. bad for my bank account. so i’m pretty excited to experiment with these make-your-own instructions from The Kitchn. those pretty little bottles of fermented tea have my name all over them. (no, actually, i believe if you look closely the bottles just have “plain kombucha” and some dates written on them, but if they were mine… well, different story.)


today’s yield. i went for the Trilogy flavor, again. (my cousin Emily and I are convinced that it’s the rainbow-colored label that sucks you in. some sort of trance thing.) and mom tried out Bilberry. apparently that little super fruit does many good things for the body. anyway, once we get our homemade kombucha going (growing?) i definitely plan to play around with flavor combinations. this should be fun. good old-fashioned probiotic fun.