back at it.

so here i am. over a year after abandoning this little corner of the blogosphere. it seems i have accidentally developed a pattern.

the problem is, i love to write. i want a place to share what i’m writing, to share what’s in my head and in my life. but i don’t always love blogging. last time around – and maybe the time before that – i was too caught up in blogging instead of just allowing this to be a place to write. i don’t have a target audience. i’m not trying to claim a certain market and never diverge from it. i am just writing, as an extension of my interests and of myself.

i’m sure i could have a niche – in fact, i have many. whole foods, advocacy, health, environmentalism, veganism… entrepreneurship, Pinterest pinning, homesteading (to borrow a friend’s term), and all that fun stuff… my faith in Christ, marriage, my life as a new mom. i bet i could even be clichéed if i tried a bit harder. but the truth is, i’ve never put on a gorilla suit and protested outside of a science lab (even though i was invited to do so once). and i don’t own a Chemex. and i probably wash my hair more often than i should and it never ever looks perfectly messy, just messy messy. and although i do love to dance in the kitchen with my husband and baby, i’m absolutely certain it never looks as pretty as something in the pages of Kinfolk magazine.

i could probably try to market myself to any one of those categories above, but then i would be “blogging”… and i would be marketing, for that matter. not writing. not just sharing myself and my life here. and it would eventually – or quickly – become contrived and i would become dissatisfied and overwhelmed by it all and lose the joy.

so, i will stray outside the lines of this niche or that. i will most likely write things that may or may not interest you at times. (granted that i get the knack of maintaining this blog at all, while still growing and raising a tiny chubby human.) but i hope that what i do share will be meaningful. even if only to me and my family.

so, here we go. 2014. let’s get to it.